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Company profile

Zhejiang Zhongxin Fluoride Materials Co.,Ltd (primary Zhejiang Zhongxin Chemical Limited Liability Company) was founded in August, 2000, with register capital of RMB 84 million Yuan, in Hangzhou Shangyu Economic and Technology Development Zone. Our company is a high-tech enterprise engaged in research, manufacturing and selling of fluorine fine chemicals.


Our company is high-tech enterprise listed in State Torch Plan. And we have passed ISO-9001 quality system authentication, ISO-14001 environmental management system authentication, OHSAS18001 Occupation Health Safety Management System authentication and Clean Production Audit authentication. Our company as a provincial level high-tech enterprise research and development center, provincial medium and small enterprise technological center, and a provincial research institute, Zhejiang Zhongxin Fluorine Containing Chemicals and New Material Research Institute. 

Our company covers over 280mu. Total assets are RMB 600 million Yuan. There are 360 employees, including 33% with college degree or above. In addition, there are domestic most advanced automatic control production instrument. Main fluorine chemicals cover medical intermediate, pesticide intermediate, new material and electronic chemicals. Annual production capacity is 3,000 tons of α-halogen p-hydroxyacetophenone, 2,400 tons of fluorobenzoic acid derivatives, 1,200 tons of n methyl piperazine, 1,200 tons of fluorobenzene products. Our products are well recognized in domestic market due to leading technology and stable quality. And they have been exported to Germany, Japan and India regions.

Our objective is to become leading manufacturing in medical chemical industry. Our company would like to cooperate with all colleagues in fine chemical industry and expects to develop together with all friends.


Industry general situation

Fluorination industry has become one of the fastest growing, most technological and developmental sub sectors of chemical industry in China. It is also known as "gold industry" abroad. With the progress of technology, the application range of fluorine chemical products is expanding to a wider, deeper and more advanced field. In 2011, as the price of the whole industry chain rose sharply, the output value of the whole industry increased to 30 billion 200 million yuan, the increase of 41.1% in the last year, and up to 76.5% in 2012. With the continuous and rapid development of economy, the annual growth rate of fluoride demand in China will remain at around 30%. Especially the rapid development of automobile, electronic information, construction and petrochemical industry will provide broader market space for fluorine chemical industry.


Fluorine chemical industry does not take oil and natural gas as the main raw material, and has little correlation with oil price. The increasing tension of global energy has provided huge space for the development of fluorosilicone materials. Fluorine product is a new high performance chemical material, the production technology is complex, the whole price is higher than the material of petroleum and natural gas. With the rising price of petroleum products, the price gap between the two is gradually narrowing, which provides a broad space for the expansion and application of fluorine materials. The total production capacity of fluoropolymer in the world is about 220 thousand tons / year. China's capacity is about 40 thousand tons / year, accounting for 18% of the world's total capacity. It has become the second largest fluoropolymer producer in the world. With the enhancement of economic strength and the improvement of the people's living standards, the growth rate of China's demand for fluorine products will be far higher than the global average. In the 10 years of 2010~2020, the global demand for fluoropolymer will remain the same increase, and the global average demand growth rate of fluorine products will be over 3%. It is expected that in the period of "11th Five-Year", the annual growth rate of fluoropolymer in China will remain 15%, and the production capacity will reach 70 thousand tons per year in 2010, and the total output is close to 50 thousand tons per year.


From the perspective of various types of fluoride products, freon-12 into recession, the alternatives would therefore appear broad market; fluorine resin entering the mature stage, the main products of PTFE intensified competition; fluorine rubber into the growth period, with the development of China's automobile industry, fluorine rubber will appear obvious growth; then with fluorine coating building, chemical industry growth and growth; development space and fluorinated fine chemicals in the future. The domestic CFC substitute CFC products and the gross profit margin remained above 20%, while for fluorine rubber, FEP and fluorine fine chemicals, due to strong market demand, competition is weak, will continue to maintain a high level of gross profit of more than 30% in the next 3 years.


"2015-2020 years China fluorine chemical industry market research and forecasting and benchmarking enterprise analysis report" on fluorine chemical industry related factors specific investigation, research and analysis, the evolution trend of fluorine chemical industry insight into the future direction of development, the fluorine chemical industry competition pattern and fluorine chemical technology standard, fluorine fluorine chemical industry, market size and potential problems the crux of the development of fluorine chemical industry, evaluation of fluorine chemical industry investment value, fluorine chemical effect and benefit degree, put forward some constructive opinions and suggestions, provide a reference for the fluorine chemical industry investment decision makers and operators of fluorine chemical enterprise.



  • 2000

    Shangyu Zhongxin Chemical Co., Ltd. was established.

  • 2007 

    it was reformed to Zhejiang Zhongxin Chemical Limited Liability Company.

  • 2007 

    it started to hold Shangyu Zhongke Baiyun Fine Chemical Research and Development Co., Ltd.
    (known as Shaoxing Zhongke Baiyun Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.)

  • 2015 

    it was renamed as Zhejiang Zhongxin Fluoride Materials Limited
    Liability Company

  • 2017 

    The historic moment of listing of small and medium-sized boards in the
    Shenzhen Stock Exchange in December 5th

  • 2000
  • 2007
  • 2007
  • 2015
  • 2017
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Company Member

Shaoxing Zhongke Baiyun Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.

(wholly-owned subsidiaries)

Shaoxing Zhongke Baiyun Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. (primary Shangyu Zhongke Baiyun Fine Chemical Research and Development Co., Ltd.) is a comprehensive company engaged in technique research, pilot production, product selling and technology promotion of chemical bulk material and intermediates. Business scope covers technical research of fine chemicals, technological transfer of high-tech chemical, technology consulting, service and testing of fine chemicals, chemical materials, mechanical equipment and fittings, metal materials, cargo import and export. Permitted operation scope: explosive hazardous chemicals, for example, potassium borohydride and other hazardous chemicals, such as, acetylchloride, alchlor, ethyl alcohol, fluorinaon, potassium fluoride, thionyl chloride, caustic soda liquid, piperazine, glycol dimethyl ether and dimethyl sulfate.

Our company stands on technology innovation and devotes to synthetic technique of bulk material and intermediate, product manufacturing and technology promotion. Through years of development, we have accumulated rich experience in bulk pharmaceutical material and intermediates fields. And large production scale has been formed. Expect of normal reaction, our company is professional in halogen-exchange fluorination, halogenating reaction, nitration, Schiemann, Sandmeyer reaction, Friedel-Crafts reacition, organic metal reaction and many kinds of reducing reaction. We can complete some research and reaction under special condition, for example, high temperature reaction (350℃, hot oil bath), low temperature reaction(-100℃, liquid nitrogen bath), low and low pressure reaction(less than 100MPa).
Nowadays we can carry out synthesis form gram grade to kg grade in our research center and we can complete kg grade to hundred kg grade production in our glass equipment pilot workshop, and hundred kg grade production to tons level scale production in our pilot workshop.




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